Friday, August 24, 2007

Those hot pics

Many have been asking me about where I got those photos I posted on my blog. Obviously they are from internet. I am not a photographer who manage to capture all those hunky (and mostly caucasion stud) men (or boy? or male?) in real world and published them on my blog. Anyway, I am glad to know that those photos please you.

So have I turn you on?

I have this habit of collecting pics since the first time I used internet. I still remember the day when my father bought me a computer, the first thing I did was to open up my then favourite magazine (Men's Fitness) and type an article to train my typing skill. Of course it took a few hours to finish copy and typing the whole article.

Then when I learned to got online, the first thing I did of course was to surf porn. Pervert like me had been waiting for that for too long. And no, I didn't surf gay porn. By then I was too innocent to had been thinking that gay porn didn't exist. Only man and woman kind of sex does exist. How pathetic was I?! Never mind! It did not take me long to finally found out the gay world. Oh I thought I had found paradise.

From then on I started to collect porn pics. Yeah, men with muscular body, hard chest, firm ass, long dick... gosh I kept a whole lot of them in my secret folder, hiding them deep inside the computer never let anyone know where the folder was located in the hard disk. Then whenever 'the time' came, I would secretly open my treasure and enjoy myself.. (while playing that Gary Barlow's 'Hang on in there baby'!) Those were the days...

Indulging myself in the porn world...

Later on, I started download porn clips instead of pictures. It's even crazier. With the limited hard disk space I have, I also didn't dare to save them into CD fearing that someone might accidentally open the CD and my secret will be revealed. So, I have to wait round the clocks for the clips to be downloaded (last time no broadband, all dial-up connection!) and enjoy my merely 5 to 10 minutes watching the fucking session and delete it into the recycle bin. That's not all, I have to immediately empty the recycle bin too ensure that the porn clip was really gone. How stupid I was!

Nowadays, with the broad band connection I have, getting porn stuff are so much easier. However, I am not sure if it was because I am growing older, or because I started to get bored of porn, I rarely download them now. But I would surf the net to some gay sites or blogs to hunt for beautiful male pictures. And I don't save those pics with hardcore gay sex, I would saved those beautiful hunk photos, couple kissing or hugging, and maybe some male model posing for advertisement and stuff. And I would saved them in a special folder of mine, and all of those pictures will be display in my screen saver. Every night before I closed my eye and sleep, I would lie on my bed and enjoy watching the screen saver on the monitor displaying my favourite hunks like a slide show.

You see, I've been collecting those photos over a few years now, so my pc has many hunky photos inside. And sometime I would have hard time to choose which photo to post as all of them are so yummy-licious! The worse thing is that even open up the folder will need to take some times. Thanks to my "super fast" processor and RAM. Or maybe the folder has just contained too many photos!

So which stud will you choose? The left or the right one?

No worry! I am someone who think that male body is equally beautiful. I will post as long as I am updating this blog for your enjoyment. After all, this is a place for us to appreciate the beauty of male!


savante said...

Post post post!

Jason said...

Secret revealed but how come I only able to find those not-so-nice pix? :(

Queer Ranter said... rulez~~~

coolgardy said...

Thanks for sharing....and post more!!!