Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The peaceful day

I had a little guilty pleasure of mine just now.

After office hour as usual, I went to KL Sentral trying to catch the KTM train. Oh it's a little earlier than usual today. Not that I want to see him (even though for a moment that really crossed my mind, I must get over it!), but I want to get home earlier today.

So when I reached KL Sentral, I suddenly felt very hungry. Then I realized I only ate a small bowl of noodle for lunch. Hmm... so instead of walking down to the platform, I thought I should treat myself with good food. Carrying my novel and the newly-bought Men's Health and New Icon magazine, and listening to my new cellphone mp3 player, I headed to my favourite bakery shop - Secret Recipe!

I found myself a good seat, put down my magazines on the table, and ordered one slice of Yogurt cheesecake and a fresh hot milk. While waiting, I looked around. No eye-candy. Disappointed. But there was this boy sitting far in front of me reading novel. That caught my attention. Not that he's good looking or what. But I rarely see guy reading in public. Ok, except him last time reading 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'.

It took only a while for my cake to arrived. Yummm.... without further adue, I just took the small fork and cut one slice and ... mmmm... yummylicious! Satisfaction. Contend. Delicious! Felt so great. I could sit there and enjoy the moment forever. Oh, then I realized I should take a photos. So using my ehem... new cellphone, here is what I've got:

Yogurt Cheesecake!

After finished up the cake, I drank the hot milk while looking around again to see if I could catch any eye-candy. Nope. I paid the bill and walked off. I got my train and I found a seat (amazingly!) I took out my novel and enjoyed the reading.

With a blink of an eye, the train had reached the destination. Perhaps I was too enjoy with the book until I forgot how many stations the KTM had passed by. Never mind. As long as I got off the right station, then OK.

I kind of like today. Everything goes very smoothly. No big trouble. Peaceful day. And I got to eat cakes. And I enjoyed reading. How nice if everyday is like that?!

Hmm... I'm still satisfied with the yogurt cheesecake... yum yum yum... it'd be better if a hunk was there with me enjoying the cheesecakes... hmmm...

Beefcake? Yummy-licious!

*Slap Slap*. OK, I know I need to wake up. :p


coolgardy said...

Its a Tuesday...enjoy urself!

Janvier said...

There's nothing guilty about such pleasures! It's your cave time! :)

Jason said...

Yeah, I can imagine sharing the cake with a love one. Have a nice day ahead!

Queer Ranter said...

I love going to Bangsar Village II Starbuck with a nice drink on the table and reading a book.

Not many eye candy but its peaceful.