Sunday, August 19, 2007

Seduction vs Bent

I was wandering in Plaza Low Yat on Friday during lunch time and I went into a DVDs shop trying to see if there is any nice movie that will catch my attention. Not that I am gonna buy those DVDs, but I can see what I wanted to watch and download them from the internet. Yeah I am an unashamed pirate! I needed to save some money!

Anyway after watching that 'Seducing Mr. Perfect', I thought I could try and see if there's any other same genre of movie for my enjoyment. I went to the Korean movie section and browse through the DVDs. Oh I saw the 'Seducing Mr. Perfect' DVD. Gosh, Daniel Henney is so adorable on the DVD cover. Enough! I need to look for some other movie for the weekend.

And guess what I found - The Art of Seduction!

Catchy title, gorgeous hunk and a adorable cute lady on the front cover! Yes that's definitely a movie I want to watch! Without much hesitation, I saved the title in the brain memory. And the first thing I got home from work that Friday is to download the movie. Wahahaha...

Amazingly, it took only around one day for me to finish download the movie. So last night, after my gym session, after having dinner with family, I got home and enjoy the movie while hugging my favourite pillow. I must say I really have fun watching it! The movie is so funny that I have to keep on laughing out loud. My parents must have thought I was crazy. I don't really care anyway. Not that I am laughing at myself in the mirror or what, then they should start worry about me. Hahaha...

Anyway, back to the movie. It's just about this two person, a hunk and a cute babe, who has been seducing opposite sex for fun and then dump then for good. They ended up trying to seduce each other and trying to unleash each other's weaknesses or uncovered each otherss' tricks. Hell it is funny! Even though the actor is not as hunky as Daniel Henney, he is funny and cute though. And the girl, cute and funny lady. It's funny to see them pretending and trying to cover their own disguises.

And today afternoon, I managed to watch another depressing movie. Yes very depressing. The movie is Bent.

"I will keep you safe and warm!"

I do not really know why I suddenly have the 'mood' to watch such movie. Normally I wouldn't watch that kind of movie fearing that I would drown back into the deep valley of depression. But I start to watch anyway. Mostly because I want to see how good my sexy Clive Owen was in the movie. And fuck, he's good!

It was about during the anti-homosexuality era, where all the queers need to hide their true identity and how they survive. Sad sad sad. Depressing! What really caught my attention was the part where the two men Clive Owen and another don't-know-what-name stainding under the sun having sex without touching each other! Gosh, I was totally aroused by just listening to them talking to each other! It was fucking good! I tell you, fucking GOOD!

"Can you feel me? Feel me!"

Anyway, It's sad to see that at the end, Clive Owen electrocuted himself to death. Why is being gay so disheartening? It is a good movie anyway.

What's wrong of being gay?

Sigh, tomorrow is Monday... What more can I say?! Better hit the sack before I have myself pancing ikan (dozing off) again in the office tomorrow.


Queer Ranter said...

Oh this movie. I love this movie. Rather sad though...

Jason said...

I'm so gonna get that Art of Seduction. I saw it few days ago and I'm ogling at the main actor :P

Brian Chang said...

The other guy is Kevin Bacon