Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MEME : Which one I prefer?

1. Tissue or handkerchief?
- Tissue. The idea of re-using the handkerchief to wipe your face or anything doesn't seem hygienic or appealing for me.

2. Shoes or sneakers?
- Is there any different? How about slipper?

3. Collar-short or T-shirt?
- T-shirt.

4. Brief or boxer?
- Brief for outdoor. Boxer when I'm at home.

5. Pants or khakis?
- Khakis

6. Fast food or restaurant/kopitiam?
- Restaurant/kopitiam

7. Horror or fantasy movie?
- Fantasy. But I prefer drama/musical/romance

8. Starbucks or Coffee Bean?

9. Genki Sushi or Sushi King?
- I don't really into Japanese food. But if I have to choose. Sushi King then.

10. Pavilion or The Gardens?
- Never been to The Gardens yet. Pavilion looks good for me.


ernloy said...

genki sushi will b better :P
i LOVE jap food...

Jason said...

You should go to Gardens. :)

savante said...

Gardens isn't that far away. Go pay a visit.

Aryaduta said...

Some people use a cum rag (i.e. a sock) that they use over and over again to clean up after some "personal time." :-P

I agree; tissues are much more hygienic!

You know, it's so hard to focus on reading your posts when there are so many photos of gorgeous men! :-P

Ryan said...

Ernloy, enjoy jap food then. I'll still prefer steak.

Jason and savante, I'll see if I have a chance to pay a visit.

Aryaduta, keep complaining about having too many hunky photos scattered around my bog, that won's stop me from posting more of them! :p