Saturday, December 08, 2007

Darren Hayes

I've got to read from a blog (I forgot which blog!) about him being gay. And the next thing I do is to google him out where I found he has a new album "This Delicate Thing We've Made" released recently. Then I check out you tube to find some of his previous live performance and music video (MV).

Previously a member of the famous Savage Garden, he went solo few years back and he's HOT! I still like his Truly Madly Deeply and "I Knew I Loved You" but after he went solo, I kinda stop listening to his music. Perhaps his "Insatiable" was just too futuristic for me last time when I found it kinda hard to accept. Besides, his hairstyle then was just... I don't like it. But now, he looks cool. Delicately good-looking. And now when I try to listen to "Insatiable" again, I find it pretty cool. Is it because of the hair? I doubt so.

Anyway, having a new album released, he had done quite a few promotion lately and live performances can be found in youtube. I don't really like his live performance anyway, vocal somewhat, not in the right order. And his frequent using of falsetto didn't come out as nicely as in the CD recording. Perhaps the live recording quality is too bad. Well, it's in youtube, what can I expect?! So I better off listen to his original recording. And his latest MV is fucking HOT! I love this kinda MV. Elegant and Sexy. There's a little shadow of Justin Timberlake there. (Oooh, Justin never fail to woo me with his sexiness!) But he has his own unique way. The suit and tie, just fucking turn me so on!

Darren Hayes - Me, Myself & I

Now I should check out his new album and see if I like it. Even Justin Timberlake's new trend of futuristic "Futuresex/Lovesound" was difficult to be accepted. But the more you listen to it, the more you like it. I suspect Darren's new album will be some sort the same. And I hope it's as hot as Justin's. Both of their music were just so gay-friendly!

Darren Hayes - On The Verge Of Something Wonderful

Ahh... such songs just make me feel fabulous! And I must not fail to include the following clip here. Check out Darren singing with Pavarotti!

Pavarotti & Darren - O Sole Mio

Yeap, both of them are good! Impressive! I like it!


joshua said...

Aww, I am sure you are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS even without mr. hayes to serenade you!

Gauzzel said...

i just reallly really like the red pair of shoes in the MV for on the verge of something wonderful!

William said...

Wahsei... ini sudah berita lama nih... :P But I think has kinda "matured".