Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lucky Me

I stumbled upon an old friend last night. A childhood friend. Glad to see him really with his beautiful girlfriend. He was once a person that I look up to when I was still a young kid. Not only because he was athletic (he could run very fast and always won in running race then. So imagine his muscular thighs!), he was kind and humorous in some ways.

Ahh... look at that thighs!

Last night when I saw him again, he looked tired and unhappy. After saying hello and everything, I asked about how his work. He didn't know how to response. He even hesitated to just say something casual like "Still the same... Not much different..." Guess he has issue with his working life as well. That's something I could really relate to. Look at a few of my previous posts. All griping over working life. Unconsciously, griping and complaining have already become part of my life.

Working life sucks!

I was a little worried last night after our short conversation. Concern about his current life. He was not a student who passed exams with flying colours (why are most athletes not good in studying?!), so he hardly got his diploma and stepped into this cold harsh to work. Having a job with low salary, he could hardly support himself, not to mention his old parents. He also has a car which still paying under installment. Gosh, even a professional workers like me could hardly maintain a car, and I wonder how he did it! Not only that, her old mother was also struggling to pay the loan for a new house they just bought. Him being the eldest son, I think he hope to help her mother out. But he already has a lot of burden. Such pressure!

Suddenly I find myself lucky. Not only because I manage to finish my degree and has a stable job with stable income, I am lucky I don't have to bear any other burden except paying back my PTPTN loan. Yes, I am going to get a car soon but with the recent increment I've got, I think I still manage to support myself and the family.

I'm OK!

Last night, I pray for the friend of mine. May he be blessed with hopes, loves and lots of lucks!

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Jason said...

Yeah, you're luckier than most ppl out there you know.

Work might get frustrating sometimes but at least, you have a job. When I just started working, I wish for many things; digital camera, game consoles, travel. I got them now, thanks to this thing called "job".