Sunday, December 09, 2007


Tired. That's how I feel. Yes, that's how I feel on this not so usual Sunday. Having said that, I am just too lazy to talk about this whole tiring day. And knowing tomorrow is Monday makes me feel even more exhausted! Mentally, such a torment!

Ahh... so tired!

And I kinda feel like I have this high fever. My throat is dry and my lips... oooh hot and dry. Burned! Even swallowing gallons of water doesn't put away the fire that is burning my whole body. To make thing worse, I have ulcers in my upper jaws. And damn it, it hurts whenever I eat.

I think I want to go for a spa. Put myself into a bathtub and enjoy the warm water caressing my body with lotsa roses' petal floating on the water. Followed by a good full body massage would be perfect. And make sure it's a hot hunk who massaged me. Oh no no no! Better not. I think he will eventually turn out massaging the wrong part of my body. Subsequently, there would be another intensive exercise for me. But then again, I think I don't mind. Urgh, I am a slut!

Do you mind give me a massage?!

Oh my, tired tired tired. It's like having put myself into a battle of war. If only I am one of the 300 Spartans. Otherwise, trust me, I am weak! You see, for now, even a small bite from the ant will be more than enough to defeat me. OK, maybe I am exaggerating! But I am just too tired now to even move my hand. Imagine my wrists on the table right in front my of computer keyboard unmoved. Only my fingers struggling to press the correct key on the keyboard. That's how I type this post. Thankfully, my fingers are long enough.

You made me weak...

If that's how it's gonna be. Well, that's it then. I'm talking about KL city's life, just in case you're wondering.

Oh dear, I really don't know what to talk about. After a tiring day, there's really nothing I could talk about. I missed my bed...

hmm... are you coming to join me?!


deeperanddeeper said...

Drink lotsa water and take a few days off perhaps? I know what it's like being tired and healthwise feeling "neither here nor there"... i always feel like that. Take care.

Jason said...

You went outstation?