Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things We Had

I was chatting with a friend this morning through internet when we talked about how high one's sex drive can be when he's still young. But when we gets older, our sex drive will decrease and when we reach 50 years old and above, we might be reminiscing how horny we could be when we were still young and that how many times we could masturbate a day... etc.

Ah, here I need to do it again...

I guess it's an indisputable fact that our sex drive will "go down the hill" as we're getting older. So I was thinking, should we have more sex while we are still young? While we can still get our dick (almost typed our duck there) erected very easily and while we could go another round right after our first or even second orgasm. Because we will never know whether we can do that again after 10 or 20 years.

This remind me of about my voice. I remember well that I have a good voice when I was a young kid. It seems that all kids' voice are special and pure. And me, I have had a very good voice which won me a lot of prizes in singing competition. And I used to sang a lot when I was free, when I was in the bathroom (gosh there was the best environment to sing!), before I went to sleep... etc). And my parents love to hear me sing. But whenever they requested me to sing, I always shy away and didn't sing them any songs.

Nah... you aren't gonna hear me sing!

And now, not that I have a totally bad vocal. But I think I could sing better then. Thanks to my puberty, I have grown up and have a rough (and hardly sexy) voice. A high baritone, I am. I can't really sing any song well enough to even impress myself. Suddenly I missed the voice I once had back then.

Actually there are still a lot of things that I once had and lost now. But guess that's a lesson we all learned. Appreciate whatever we have now and not regret later. Guess that's part of life. Not everything is permanent. Like the winter will eventually turn into spring. So enjoy and appreciate whatever we possess now... at least we had them once.

Should I do it again!?

So, being young and healthy, does that mean I should masturbate more (since I don't have anyone to have sex with)? Like twice or triple a day?! LOL... just kidding! But seriously we need to really appreciate life!

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Anonymous said...

I'm 58 and I masturbate twice a day. About the same as when I was 28. Not everyone loses their sex drive.