Saturday, December 22, 2007

(Still) Holiday-ing

It's the third day of my holiday. Wow... good times really went off so fast that I did not even realized until now. Having great times for the past two days even though I still having dreams at night which really bother me some times. I wanted to have a good sleep like... once you sleep there's no dream... no nothing... until you wake up the next morning and feeling refreshed and just want to smile.

I can give you a 'good time'!

Anyway, waking up knowing that it's holiday is just good enough. Even though for the first two days I kinda worry about what would happened when I get back to office : Will there be any problems? Will customers having complaints? Will I be able to cope with the pile up workloads? I even attempt to access my office email from home! But I managed to refrain myself from doing this stupid thing! Perhaps I need time to adjust myself to BE AWAY from work.

And yes! A long holiday seems like a good "therapy" for me. And I realize that's not all. I need to do something I like. I need to go find my old friends. I need to socialize. Last night I have attended a gathering with a bunch of old friends. It was really nice. To be in touch with friends... the feeling is just great. Knowing that they are well and healthy.... reminiscing the good old times. They just put smile on my face. And I felt warm inside.

Ahh... so warm!!

Oh, I got to play the piano too which have been neglected for quite some times. I don't have the patience to learn new songs, I realized. Hahaha... It's definitely not the time to push myself and learn up new song, really. So, I enjoyed playing those old songs that I (still) am good at. :p

Been downloading some good movies too. Should spend some times watching sweet romantic movies. It's really sad my favourite drama series "Brothers and Sisters" is stopped temporarily due to don't-know-what reason. Can't wait to see how Kevin's life will be. For now, I should just enjoy some other things.

How about spending some time with me at the beach?!


abnitude said...

brothers and sisters is not running new sows because of the union writers strike. nothing that isn't already made and filmed will be shown. scripted american tv is at a halt right sucks!

Jason said...

Gud gud. At least you're enjoying yourself. Stop thinking about work for the week, it's holidays!