Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas '07 (Part 2)

I'm not sure what's got me to come up with something like a part 2 thingie. I guess it's just because I am very much still in the Christmas mood. I'm even having a hunky stud wearing nothing but a red Christmas hat with two white pillows cover his lower body as my desktop wallpaper.

Well, finally it has come to the end of my long holiday. 6 days. They just passed by like that. I wouldn't say I have had a GREAT BLASTING holiday. Because there's no parties but just a small intimate gathering with old friends and most of the remaining time, I spent it with my family or enjoying my own space and privacy. Very quiet and peaceful. And I really enjoyed that.

And it's amazing to realize that I am all energized and ready to go to work tomorrow. Although I would be delighted if I could extend my holiday, I really don't mind going to work tomorrow. I even kinda looking forward to work tomorrow. Something changed about me. I am not really sure what it is. But it does not really matters. What matters most is that I am happy and really enjoying life more than I used to.

I also noticed one thing. Last night I was still awake at 2am and I did not feel tired nor sleepy. That's very weird! Normally I would start to be feeling tired and sleepy at 12am and I will have to get into bed before I fainted from exhaustion. But last night I was still happily surfing on the internet and watching movie until early morning. I think I must have had enough rest and slept a lot. Yeap! I sometime enjoyed the afternoon nap. I am very happy when it rains around 5pm these days. And it rains heavily! Pouring rain! I love raining when I'm at home. I could enjoy the rhythm of the rain while feeling a little cool even without the air-cond on. Lovely! And it's a natural lullaby that always makes me fall asleep.

I have had a great holiday. I should have a long holiday once a year. It really help to refresh and re-energized myself. And resting for one day or two doesn't really help to recover you from all the exhaustion and tiredness. Long holiday will surely help!

And I'm feeling... GOOD! :D Of course, more hunks to make the season brighter! :p


Tigerguy said...

Nice site man, you should add some links tho. I'd be more than happy to link you on my blog if you did so for me. Anyway great blog.


Queer Ranter said...

Oh my. Red underwears, red shorts, red towels and red background!


Jason said...

Wah... feast for the eyes ler!
But I tot QR prefer twinks?

Merry Christmas to you!