Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ryan the Greatest

It starts with my new found Greek God Ryan Barry. For those who doesn't know who he is, you're so out-dated. Go wiki him out! He's a HOT HUNK NOT TO BE MISSED! And how lucky Reichen really is, to have the privilege to taste every inch of his body from top to bottom. Well, Reichen is Barry's boyfriend, so... you know.

Ryan Barry

No wonder girls are complaining that all hunky studs are gays. I don't really agree but I will be glad if that's the fact. I am kinda bitchy these days. Not bitchy. I don't know what is the right word. But I felt like saying something I wanna say and don't give a damn what other really think about it. Is it arrogant? No, don't think so. But I feel like a bitch barking something people doesn't really wanna hear.

And all of the sudden I came up with this so-called 'realization' that all guys named Ryan are either good-looking, charming, talented or handsome. Well, you see Ryan (Barry) is undoubtedly a hunk. Look at that body! Look at his fine face! Right, that is one hunky Ryan.

Ryan Phillipe

Look at another one - Ryan Phillipe. Yeap! Another cute boy, now a man. Remember the 'Cruel Intention'? Oh his bubble butt, unforgettable! And he's no doubt another cute cute cute cute cute pie I could taste night and day.

Ryan Gosling

Coming up next, Ryan Gosling. I am sure he starred in many movies previously. But started to notice him since the movie - Fracture. He's good in that movie. I mean his acting skill. I even wrote about it in one of the post in my blog here. And yes, he's not really a hunk, but he's handsome. Good-looking too. Well, it's very rare to find NOT good-looking actor.

Ryan Reynolds

Fine, another Ryan! Ryan Reynolds! I don't know much about him. Another tasty man starred in some chic flick movies, some action movies... well. He's gorgeous! And he sure maintain his body shape really well too. Any more Ryan?! Oh yes, Ryan Seacrest! That American Idol host! I wouldn't say he's a hunk, but he's quite cute with a good smile that he always put on his face.

Oh one more! Ryan Giggs! Err... not a hunk for me, but surely is a talented soccer player. It's funny when I introduce myself to others that my name is Ryan, most of them will response and say:"Oh Ryan Giggs?!" Why nobody thought of Ryan Barry?! I would be delighted if someone say :"You're Ryan Barry? Or Ryan Phillipe?!" Well, no doubt Ryan Giggs is more famous. Too bad I am not a soccer fan! I only know David Beckham and Michael Owen. And lately there's this new hunk Christiano Ronaldo? Did I spell his name right?

Ryan Carnes

There are more Ryan(s). Ryan Carnes, Ryan Cabrera... Ryan Ryan Ryan... Oh, having said all that, I just want to say, my name is Ryan! And I should thank to the person who gave me this name. And no, they're not my parents. My parents are not Christian, so I don't have a Christian name actually. Ryan, a name given by a friend. A guy. Well, someone who I have lost contact with for quite some time now. I should thank him for the name.


abnitude said...

is reichen's ryan the one who was the swimmer who used to be on his talk show with him sometimes?

Jason said...

Ryan Phillippe and Ryan Carnes ares sure hot. :P

Calvin said...

Hey, I have the same thought once before that how come all men named Ryan is either cute or a sexy hunk. Hehehe...glad that you came up with this post.