Thursday, December 20, 2007

X'mas Shopping

Yeap, the title tells it all. I went to One Utama today and shop. Been wandering around the MPH Bookstore and bought a few gifts for another Christmas Gift Exchange Party tomorrow night. Ain't gonna tell what I have bought, but surely one of them is no cheap stuff.

Everything I own is no cheap stuff!

I already know who I should buy the gift for (after randomly picked up a name from the almost look like "The Goblet of fire" thing). Apparently I have to buy a gift for someone very special to me. Well, someone I admired and almost fell for, until I have to painfully admit he's straight and got married with a lucky lady. So, now we remain good friends. And no, he doesn't know I am... who I am. That's fine. It's better to keep it this way.

And I actually bought another few christmas gifts, specially to another few men who are my good friends. I thought it's nice to buy them gifts just to let them know I care for them and glad that they're my friends. I think it's always nice to be nice to others, especially to those that you really care about.

You do know how to take care of me, right?!

However, I really enjoyed the shopping though. Part of it is because I got to see the Christmas decoration in One Utama. I was like... "Oh, look at that drummer boys in the center court! And those tiny little christmas trees...". Feel so good! With all the christmas songs and the people carrying bags of good and christmas presents... It's like every air I breath is christmas-ize! Hahaha... What am I talking about?!

Anyway, another reason I enjoyed the shopping is, of course, I got to enjoy some eye-candies. Oh my, I can just sit in one corner and enjoy hunks walking by. I even saw a hot hot HOT HOT (I wish I could stress the word more) hunky Caucasian stud in the Padini Store. He was wearing sleeve-less round-neck shirt, short-pants and wearing sporty-shoes. And OMG, his pecs, his bulky arms, his firm butt... oh, I tried not to stare at him too much to avoid causing tent at my crotch area. And I later noticed he was checking out a hot chick inside the store. Urgh, such a turn off. Still, I always appreciate the beauty of male. Especially male body. :p

Are you staring at me?!

And the funny thing is, I did not buy anything for myself. Been shopping in One U for like hours. I walked in fancy gifts shop, wandered around Padini's concept store, and even MPH bookstore... and yet I found nothing good for myself. I don't mind really. After all, the purpose of being there in One Utama is to buy the christmas gifts. And I have done my part.


Queer Ranter said...

I love pressie shopping too. If only I have enough money to buy em all...

savante said...

Eh, hunk di mana!