Monday, December 03, 2007


It is very difficult indeed to be calm and steady all the time. Especially living in this happening city of Kuala Lumpur. Every day has new challenges. There will always be something that makes you happy or sad, brings you fear or excitement, hope or disappointment... And I found myself always being taken away by those unexpected events...

What now?!

And after working for more than two years, instead of growing stronger and wiser, I think I have gone numb. All those series of unfortunate events won't affect me much anymore, and it's not because I am strong enough to handle them, but I am just numb. Not that I am so calm and steady that whatever obstacles that come in my way I'll just cast them away with a raise of my hand. But I feel like I am pretty much like a zombie already.

I don't really admire this me. Emotionless. It's like making the whole world grey in colour. But somehow I need such me, so that it is not so hurtful to face this, most of the time, cold world.


Queer Ranter said...


Maybe you could pick up a new hobby or something to paint your life PINK! :)

Jason said...


You're not the only one facing these things. You know when I leave office, reach home, opened the door and saw the things I like in the house... I felt a bit relaxed.

And I told myself, today's war is over... so I have to enjoy myself during these few hours.

coolgardy said...

awww---u r not alone!