Sunday, December 02, 2007

So Live & So Loud

Yeah! I was there in Bukit Kiara last night together with my sister. We were there like around 6:30pm or earlier, maybe. Anyway, we couldn't find any parking nearby so we have to park our car somewhere farther. Having walk all the way from where we parked the car, we were disappointed to find out that there was this banner pasted everywhere around the entrance stating "NO CAMERAS!".

Hey man, going to the live & loud concert too?

Goodness! They were having porn videos shooting or what?! Why can't we bring camera in?! And we couldn't get a photo of Whitney?! Oh it so reminded me of the movie "The Bodyguard" where the assassin was carrying the video recorder trying to shoot "The Queen of The night". Maybe that's why no cameras allowed in to the open-air park. I thought I would try to sneak the camera into my pocket. But they have this body-checking and laser-sensing before we got into the park. So even sneaking the camera inside my underwear wouldn't work. Having no choice, we have to walk all the way back to where we parked the car and hide our camera in the car and walked back again to the entrance.

I shall skip the detail of buying food to eat and hunting for hunky stud. But I saw Sunny (one of the dance instructor for California Fitness) there. Not so into him, but he's still one cutie-pie. And standing in the crowd and squeezing with each other was inescapable. Anyway, we didn't have to wait long to see that the concert started around 7:30pm. And I ain't gonna go into detail about the whole concert. I'll just talk about some of my favourite performances during the whole concert.

First of all, Elliot Yamin. Oooh... is he not hot?! Even though I could hardly sing along any of his songs, he sure good in singing live. Those special voice of his (sounds like AJ from BSB) surely was entertaining. The only song that I heard before from him should be "Waiting for you".

Waiting for me?!

Then we have the Malaysian ALL STARs performances. I could not recognise all of them. But those that I know are Jaclyn Victor, Anuar Zain and Nikki. Some other unknown malaysian artist were pretty good actually. If only they were given more chance and opportunities, I think they will do well in the international stage. And the last song they performed together was somehow touching. They sang "That's what friends are for". And yeah, those divas wannabe really singing their hearts out. Imagine few women singing in high-pitch twisting and turning the melody, almost like a vocal battle on the stage. But I like that. Because that's how I can see who can really sing. :p

My favourite part would be the Shaggy performance. Oh my, he was fucking SEXY! And he loves doing that thang - shaking his buttocks front and back (you sure know how to do it, don't you?!) and slowly swaying his buttock in circle. OOoh... I was like screaming for him when he did that thang of his while singing "Mr. Lova Lova...". Almost heard myself calling"Oh yea, sexy mama!" And that's not all, beside taking up his shirt showing his belly up to his chest from time to time, he fucking pushing his crotch to the front a few times while singing his sexy songs. Oh, that was so turning me on! He must be good being a TOP. Oops! Did I just say that?! *Blush*

Yeah, you like it when I do this, don't you?!

Before I got to see the last performance by Whitney, I hated, pretty much annoyed to that fact that we have to wait for more than 30 minutes after the Shaggy's performance to let the stage crews re-setup the stage foe Whitney's performance. Standing in the crowd wasn't comfortable. It was already 12am. And I have to keep finding fresh air to breath. It made the situation even worse when those desperate smokers started to lit their cigarettes and exhaling their poisonous gas into the air. And I was so exhausted standing there since 8pm. Well, nothing much that I could do, really.

Anyway, Whitney's performance started around 12:30pm. And she was FABULOUS last night! Even though I found it hard to accept the fact that she tried to change the style for most of the songs, but she still managed to impress me with her good voice. She did not show her powerful voice last night. A little weak, I felt. Maybe she has not got used to the weather in Malaysia? Or perhaps she was not in her best condition. But I did notice she tried her best. Even though her singing of "I will always love you" was not impressive enough to blow me away, but her sincerity was just breath-taking and touched my heart. The way she bow was just elegant and sincere. I definitely wish her well. And is anticipating her come-back album next year! Oh I cannot miss to say that I love her dress last night! She was GORGEOUS in that purple dress! Definitely The Queen of The Night!

I will always love you too, Whitney!

I love the concert. The feeling was great! I did not regret having to pay so much money for that expensive tickets. Worth every single penny! Experiencing that loud thumping beat of the music was amazing. I could feel every single cells in my body was dancing with the beat. My sister told me that's how it feel when you're in the disco club or pub. Yes, I have not been to clubbing! :p Nobody believes that. Don't know why?! :p

Anyway, I have had a BLAST!!


coolgardy said...

Well at least you are happy, and that is what counts!

Fable Frog said...

i read somewhere before that Whitney's vocal is not as great as before due to her drug problem~ but after she loose her bad habit~ she is recovering slowly~ hmmmm~ i'm not into these power vocal divas~ but ya~ she's alright~ ilove "i'm your baby tonight"~!!

Jason said...

Yep, live performance is totally different from those we listen on TV or radio.

Glad that you enjoyed yourself :)

Argh... mistake for not going! I'm sure there's plenty of mutants there!