Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Don't Speak

Speaking is an art. And one word can mean so much. I don't find myself speak a lot these days. But I used to be very talkative when I was young. There were so many things to talk about. Many new interesting things to share and to discuss with friends. But nowadays, I find myself hardly amused by anything. And that the enthusiasm to talk and share has long gone.

I'm a shy guy!

Besides, talk too much will bring you trouble at times. Like the Chinese old saying:"Misfortune caused by the mouth. (祸从口出!). Yeah, I have to agree with it. It's most of the time uncontrollable when we talk too much and we hardly process in our brain what we are going to speak especially when we speak too fast. And we won't know the audience will be offended or not by our words.

And it's true that words can bring hope to a person and may bring a person down to the deep valley of despair. Yes, words can be very powerful. So we have to use it wisely.

Having said that, to communicate with other people we'll need to be very careful, of course. Different people has their own pantang larang and we better not offend them by talking something they really do not like to hear. I won't need to list out all the example. Living in this multi-racial, multi-cultured country, we have well learned how to respect each other and know what is the 'Dos and Don'ts'.

Don't say a word! Just do me!

However, sometime we just happen to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or we mistakenly said something that we shouldn't say and it's too late to do anything as the words had already slipped out of your mouth. That's what happened to me just now. I was talking with my colleague about our company and how we feel about the company, how long we've been working there...etc. Then, I accidentally mentioned about my salary figure to my colleague. Since he joined the company a few months later than me, I am not sure if his salary is higher or lower than me. I would be glad to know if he has higher salary as I don't really mind. But if his salary is lower, will he be offended? Or lose his motivation to work in the company?! Well, I seriously don't know. But I shouldn't have mentioned about my salary.

I was like... Shit! Fucked up! But there's nothing much I could do about it. Hopefully he didn't really mind. Such thing is really sensitive. And hopefully he won't go spread around my salary to others in the company. But he doesn't seem like a 'broadcaster', anyway! Again, I seriously hope that my 'mistake' won't affect him too much. Feel guilty already.

Kiss me so I don't talk too much!

Anyway, what's done is done. Nothing much I could do about it. I'll just need to make sure I won't repeat the same mistake. Damn! I should practice 'do more talk less'. But then again, it is so boring to just do and not talk!! So Not Fabulous! :p I think I'll just need to think twice before I speak. :D


Queer Ranter said...

That and sometimes shit happens. :)

savante said...

So what is your pay? :P

Jason said...

A blogger just told me his colleague was fired cos she talk too much at work.

William said...

Salary is P&C! Unless you're fresh graduate and everyone knows your starting pay. :P

I don't think I can survive those silent retreats where you just meditate and not interact.

deeperanddeeper said...

Yea, slip of words. but lots of people i know seem to like to deliberately broadcast how much they earn...