Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Gift

It is actually fun to buy and prepare Christmas gift to your friends or love ones. To choose the correct gift for the correct person, wandering around the shopping malls, climbing from floor to floor. And we won't feel tired. Instead, thinking about the excitement when they receive the gift, it keeps us going to make sure we choose the right and special gift.

All I want for Christmas ... is you!

Christmas is around the corner and my company (like some others) actually organizes this christmas gift exchange thing and we have to randomly pick a number from a bowl to see to whom you need to buy the christmas gift to. And having my hands put into the bowl and randomly pick a number, I chose the lucky number and I later found out that I have to buy a christmas gift to one of my senior, a guy.

I find it very difficult to buy a present to a guy. Girls are so much more easier to be pleased. Just simply buy soft toy or anything pinky and soft would make them happy. But for guys? hmm... I seriously don't know what to get. Especially straight guy. I can only think of those expensive stuff like jersey shirt, tie with tie clips, 2GB pendrive... but we should only buy gift which never less than RM20.

You surely know how to please me, don't you?!

Hmm... anything cost around RM 20? I seriously don't know. I know there is tie which cost only RM 9.90. But that would be too cheap. And those jersey shirt etc are just too expensive. Alex suggested to me to give voucher, but after consulting the organizer, she said :"Not so nice lo!". Duh, then what now?! Buy condoms and lubes?! I surely don't mind, but I don't wanna humiliate myself in front of those conservative and not-so-open-minded colleagues.

The worse part is, I don't really know the person (who I need to buy the gift to) too well, although he's one of my senior. Sucks, right?! And you know what I am going to buy?! Socks! I think every guys need them and that should be the gift I am gonna buy for him!

I need no underwear, do I?

Now, I wonder what I will get during the christmas celebration in my office. A phone number of a hunk?! No, that doesn't cost RM20. Underwear?! No, nobody knows my size. Erm... books? stationary? Photo frame? Mug? Whatever! I think I should do a wish-list!

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Jason said...

Oh... it's strange to buy for a stranger (unless he has a wishlist).