Tuesday, December 18, 2007

O Come, My Holi-Day!

Nothing is as exciting as knowing that your long holiday is coming soon. Very soon! Yes, after working like a cheap-slave for almost a year, I finally give myself a BIG reward by taking leave. A long long leave! Actually I took only two days leave, but having public holiday in between, I will be off from office for 6 days continuously. OK, maybe some of you think 6-days off from office is like nothing (as I heard some of my friend took one whole week leave to go abroad with family!), but to me it is consider very long. Fuck, I only have two public holidays during Chinese New Year early this year.

Aren't you gonna ask me out?!

Anyway, don't ask me what am I going to do this coming holiday because I do not plan. And I am not going anywhere. Most probably, I'll just stay home and do whatever I feel like want to do. I have a few things in mind though. Like watching romantic, chic-flick DVDs while eating Baskin Robbin ice-cream, or perhaps sipping green tea in the afternoon while watching out of the window enjoying the rain singing their favourite songs... oh if I am hard-working enough, I might grab my gym bag, drive all the way to the fitness center and work-out. I so wanna bulk-up like Chris Evans.

Oh oh oh.... how can I forget about going to spa? Or go for a facial treatment?! Oooh la la... Men's Skin Center, where are you?! I was thinking about going for a massage as well. Gosh, my neck hurt these days. Not sure if it was because my sleeping posture or I am just too tensed up. I surely need a massage on the neck. Might as well have a full body massage, follow by a spa, then a facial treatment... by hunky stud. Oh, wonderful!

Why don't you join me jogging at the park?!

And that's not all. Every morning, I shall wake up breathing the fresh air. Then maybe I should go to the nearby park and jog in hope that I might see some hunks jogging there as well. Who knows I might stumbled upon one of the stud and we might go breakfast together and who knows where that will lead us to. No?

Hmm... how about making cookies at home and enjoy it during tea break around 3pm to 4pm? Yummy! I love cookies. Biscuit also fine. Oh I know how to bake butter cakes. My family loves it. Maybe I should go buy the ingredients these days so I can bake cake during my holiday. Oh, shopping!!! It's time to go shopping! Year End Sale! Oh no, I need to save money. Buy car! Buy car!! I should just stay home and read! That'll be fine.

I need my car!

So many things to be done. And I think... in the end... I'll be staying home sleeping... eating... sleeping... eating... watching tv... and sleeping... whatever! Tomorrow is another working day and I am off for my HOLIDAY!!! Yay!!!

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