Saturday, December 01, 2007

My LCD Monitor

This has got to be the second most expensive stuff I bought for myself. Been planing to buy a better monitor for my own viewing pleasure. Staring at the 17" old non-LCD monitor had been really torturing. Not only because the screen is small, it also ate up a lot of my table space. And it was SO NOT elegant! So since few months (or maybe few years) back, I had planned to buy myself a LCD monitor.

Damn! Do I really need to stick with this ancient monitor?!

Back then when LCD monitor started to become something new in the market, everybody has got themselves a 17" non-wide screen monitor. I was in awe when I saw one of my friend who has it in his house. He must be freaking rich, I told myself. And yes, he is richer than me of course. Or maybe his father is well-loaded and wealthy, to be more precise. So to buy a LCD monitor for myself is so out of my ability back then.

Anyway, I was so jealous when I saw my younger brother bought himself a new set of computer with 19" wide screen LCD monitor. And from then on, I swore that I will get myself a LCD monitor as well. A better one!

Well, saving money is a VERY big challenge for me. I spend money like there's no tomorrow. That's why I hardly save money to buy things as it's just too impossible for me. That's why, after my brother bought his computer for more than a year, I still haven't got myself a new LCD monitor.

And this month, since I've got some extra cash (from project's incentive), I clapped my hands happily and started the plan to bring a new LCD monitor home. So after doing some survey at the Lowyat Plaza for a few weeks, I bought myself a LCD monitor. And here it is :

LG 20" wide screen

I immediately changed my monitor once I got home and damn, everything seem so big now! Oh, and those hunky photos I have in my pc... oh my, they just look better viewing with LCD monitor. And I so love blogging now. It seems like all the blogs also looks better. :p

Of course, I never fail to try watch a few movies. Somehow some of the movie doesn't seem so nice anymore as the resolution is not as high. But then again, the visual effects are better with those high-quality movie that I downloaded from the net. Don't talk about clips from youtube, they look so blur with lotsa of small little squares. But then I don't mind. At least I got to see what I want to see! And having this LCD Monitor installed is really satisfying. Not just because I got to see better images, even my speakers seems louder now?! Any idea why?! Hmm... I wonder...

Do I look better somehow?!

Oh, and isn't it great to have such gorgeous thing... to watch pornography?! Oops, did I just say that!? I think I just did!


coolgardy said...

Ryan's gonna spend more time infront of his new toy--- :)

沈 一 傑 said...


Everything looks surely much better ... ;) You will even find the tiniest black spot on anything ... hahaha.

Crazy Sam said...

Thatz great! I have been eyeing those LCD monitors for quite some time now. I too want to replace my 17 inch CRT monitor.

I love LOVE LOVE CHRIS EVANS!! Post more pics of him!! GRRR! :p

Gauzzel said...

Pornography was definitely one of the reasons for making bigger screens


Queer Ranter said...

I want!

*sob sob

Jason said...

Wah... that size can rival a budget TV.

Lance Vartanian said...

It’s great for you to buy an LCD monitor especially if you want a better viewing screen. Your new LCD monitor is so big and very sleek. I’m sure it will serve you better than your old one. It’s a very good addition to your home.