Friday, December 14, 2007

O Holy Night

I was introduced to this song by Mariah Carey who sang this song beautifully. Since then, I always play this song during christmas time (even though my favourite christmas song would still be "Miss You Most" by Mariah, again!).

And I miss you... most at christmas time...

And if you know this song, it's actually very difficult to sing. Not only because it is in slow pace where you need a lot of breath to support the voice, at the end the note is very high. So it's either you will sing it perfectly well, or you might just screw up the whole song.

Anyway, while you-tubing trying to enjoy Mariah's version of O Holy Night, I stumbled upon this cute guy who could sing this song pretty well. So check this out:

He's good, isn't he? Anyway, Josh Groban still does the BEST!

Amazing voice! And the next one by N'Sync acapella version. I always love to listen to A-Capella.

And lastly, I'll just have to put this up. I know this is a male blog, but Mariah's just too amazing. Not to mention she's definitely loved by most (if not all) gay men. So this is the clip I love and always enjoy watching to...

Phew! Her unique and wide range of voice... simply blow me away! It's time to re-arrange my christmas songs track-list. Gonna play them over and over again during this coming christmas holiday of mine.


savante said...

I still love all I want for christmas actually! :)

aaronng88 said...

hmmm hi ryan! to me, O holy night was best done by celine. she gave a more calm and passionate feel to this song. Mariah did all i wan for xmas & jesus, o wat a wonderufl child brilliantly tho. erm xmas list should include mariah's 'merry xmas', celine 'these are the special time' & josh groban. these 3 albums mixed together is the ultimate xmas album! =) merry xmas~