Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas '07

I know I know... It's loud! The red colour background, I mean. But come on, it's Christmas time! So please just endure this loudness until the end of 25th December. LOL...

Doing nothing much lately during my holiday. It's funny, really. I thought I would be hiding in my bedroom all days and nights watching porn wanking my foreskin off... Oops, did I just say that?! But no. That's not what I did for my holiday. Been with my family really. Helping mum with the house chores. Went to watch movies with my brother and sister. Hanging out with old friends. And lotsa family dinner. It's nice, really!

And for the first time, I am having this Christmas eve on my own. No countdown celebration. No going out with friends. No worrying over being alone in this festive season. No extravaganza. No nothing. And here I am sitting in front of my computer typing a new post to update my blog.

And what I am gonna do is just to post more hunks here. Because that's what makes the season bright for me. :D

So... "Although it's been said, many times many ways... Merry Christmas to you!"

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