Monday, October 29, 2007

After the show

I've been busy. Yes, but not with work. As you should have known, I was busy performing. For the past two days, I was basically hanging around at National Stadium and rehearsing and performing. Coming back home late at night and waking up late the next morning and off to National Stadium again for rehearsal and performance.

How did I perform?

And finally it came to an end last night and we really had fun creating our own finale. Lotsa photos taking, screaming and yelling like patients from Tanjung Rambutan living in their own world didn't really care about what others may think. I think that's the side effect of performing dedicatedly under the almost puring rain. Yes, we performed in the rain. Romantic as it may sound, but we found ourselves extremely stupid. Imagine all our make up melt away when our so-called pretty faces were basically washed by the rain. Anyway, it was truly a memorable and amazing experience.

I intended to take many many photos for my blogging purposes. But then I was just tired of taking and deleting them when all my friends want to take a look of what I've taken. I can't show them my hunky studs nor half-naked men photos to them, can I? So I gave up taking eye-candy photos.

You have no idea how desperate I was when I saw all the male dancers changing their costume at the back stage. They basically took off all their clothes (except their underwear/brief of course) and all the ladies performers (who were waiting at the back stage for their turn to perform ) basically yelling and screaming as if they saw diamond shining in the dark. And me, grabbing firmly on my cellphone in my pocket hesitating whether to capture those "one moment in time" or not! At the end, I decided not to as it was too dark. So no use taking the risk.

Aren't you gonna grab this "one moment in time"?

However, not only do we have advantages of peeping dancers changing costumes and lotsa half-naked men/boys at the back stage, we also have the chance to take photos with celebrities. Well, I have the chance to take photos with a few. Just local artists. I wished I can take photo with Michael Wong, but I just didn't see if there's any chance. He's so well-protected. And of course, after the show, I manage to take photo with the cute and tall male MC. Shit, I forgot his name, but I think he's cute. He had his first button of his shirt unbuttoned and I noticed that he has a slightly hairy chest. Oooh... sexy!

Despite the rain, I think we managed to perform well as usual. I actually enjoyed the rain. Don't know why. I thought it was special. And it makes me feel as if I could make it through the rain. And I am proud of myself for making it through the rain. Again, it was truly memorable. And going through that with friends is even greater. We'll having something to share among ourselves when we look back.

Yes, I've made it. It's over now.

And now, I shall get myself prepared to return to work. It'll be a very long and winding road...


Jason said...

Eh, how come under the rain?

coolgardy said...

quick post whatever pics u have.. :)

Ryan said...

Because it was raining, Jason.

Nah, ain't gonna post my cute face here, Coolgardy! :p