Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weekend comes and goes...

Last week was terrible. To wake up and knowing there's something you need to worry about is just horrible. It's about work, actually. And the due dates keep on coming and some of them had just passed by. I really do not know how I got through those periods, but last week passed by real fast. Perhaps I was too busy doing this and that, and worrying if things will be done on time. Well, I managed to get some of the tasks done, some others I just need to postpone. Bad performance, really. But I have no choice.

Whew...weekend has finally come. Good!

So last Friday came, and you have no idea how relieved I was when it was the end of the working day. Even though I forgot to do something my boss asked me to do (as I was too busy with another customer), he kindly requested me to follow up on that matter and update him on Monday. Felt a little guilty and bad. But that wouldn't help to make anything better. So I better put on my cheerful mode and hang out with my colleague on that Friday night.

We found ourselves having steamboat in Berjaya Time Square (BTS) follow by a movie at GSC.

"I can hear the bell... well, don't you hear it chimes..."

I found myself singing that song in my head while watching Tracey singing and fantasizing about going out with Link and all that jazz... Yeap, that would definitely be the theme song of mine for the moment. Zac Efron does look better in this movie. Other than Zac the cutie boy, I also fell for James Marsden whom I find so sexy when he sing "The nicest kids in town" and "Hairspray".

"What?! I'm not as fabulous now as I was in Hairspray?!"

One thing though, I hate those guys and girls who sat behind us in the cinema who couldn't stop causing commotion by giggling so loudly whenever John Travolta appeared on screen or shake his huge bubble butt. Worse still, one of them keep coughing as if he/she will cough his/her lungs out. And I don't think he/she even care to cover the mouth when coughing. Imagining all the bacterias and/or virus were coughed out of the mouth and spread all over to the cinema! Yucks! I hate it. What's wrong with them?!

However, despite the commotion and chaos they enjoyed at the back, the movie had no doubt cheered me up a lot. Thanks to the songs, Zac and James who managed to draw away my attention from their disturbing behaviours at the back.

So now I've got your attention. Wanna get dirty?

Saturday came by yesterday. I only significant I remember was that after having an early dinner, I put myself reading the FULL CIRCLE by Michael Thomas Ford. Yeap, I have finished reading Born On A Blue Day. How was the book?! It was good really. Though not entirely about a gay man's story, but it is interesting to know people with savant syndrome. And how numbers are to him are amazingly unique and eye-opening.

And last night, I was hooked to reading the new novel. I actually spent a few hours reading 9 chapters of the book before I fell asleep. It has been quite a long time since I managed to enjoy reading without any interruption. Love it to the max! I hope I can do that more often. And I love the book. Ford really knows how to push our 'the reader's' button.

On this beautiful Sunday, I seriously doubt what am I going to do? Most probably continue my reading. Somehow I feel a little guilty for not doing something productive and meaningful in life. It's funny really. Something inside tell me that I sitting in the house doing nothing is a waste of time.

Knowing that tomorrow is Monday really make me sick. Meaning the nice weekend is going to come to an end. And that I should make full use of the remaining weekend to really enjoy myself and rejuvenate, refresh and re-energize myself to face the brutal and cruel-some weekdays which are coming on my way.

So what's in your mind now? Come here, climb in bed with me...

Well, forget about tomorrow! Let's see what I can do today...


coolgardy said...

Hair Spary rocks right? Glad you enjoyed so getting the soundtrack and downloading it to my IPOD!
And if I get stuck in the notorious jam in the city, well, guess what CD I have on? :)

savante said...

Finally you saw Hairspray! Aren't you a die-hard fan by now?

conan_cat said...

ahhh hairspray!! i wanna watch but sigh, i really regret not watching it earlier, now the movie time is getting lesser and that means less chances to watch the movie :(

Calvin said...

Ah! Finally, you've finished "Born On A Blue Day". I told you it's a good one. But if you limit your reading genre only to those gay related novels, then you'll be missing a lot of other good books out there. So after "Full Circle", what's next?