Monday, October 15, 2007

The 100th Celebration

Well well well. Now this is the 100th post for this blog! Looking back, I have been seriously blogging for three months now. Wow, that is really something! It sure took up much of my patience, efforts and persistence to keep this blog alive and kicking!

To celebrate this achievement, I thought I should do something special for this post. Since everyone love MEME and (something told me that) most of my readers would like to know about me, I will post 100 random facts about me and my life. Some of them you might have known, some of them you may not know. Yes, all those bitter sweet memories, embarrassing moments... all will be announced!

Apart from that, I will also post 10 hunky photos to refresh your eyes. (Initially I wanted to post 100 photos. By then the whole post will be a very lengthy one.) What else, I guess that's all. Wahahaha...

Alright, let's get this started.

100 random facts about me

1) I like ice-cream. Vanilla flavour.

2) I love milk-shake. Any flavour will do.

3) I was a head prefect.

4) I started to learn piano when I was 7.

5) My first sexual experience was with a relative.

6) I used to cry a lot when I was young.

7) I've never had any sexual experience with girl. Not even kiss.

8) I am the only person who read novels in my family.

9) I wet my pant (with urine) every night till 9 years old.

10) I think I have never had a crush to any of my teacher.

11) I was slapped by a teacher on the face for not being quiet during his class.

12) I slapped one of my classmate ( a girl) during my primary school and I forgot why. I still feel guilty about it.

13) I hate being called girlish or sissy even though sometime I am a bit sissy, trying to act very fabulously!

14) I love singing, just like how much I love music and playing piano.

15) I stole my mom's money when I was young to buy junk food.

16) I once cried, feeling very stressful and tension when I was preparing for the grade 2 or 3 music theory examination.

17) I participated chinese public speaking competition since primary school.

18) I cheated during examination. Even though I prepared well enough for my exams.

19) I always examine a guy's bulging crotch and butt after spotting his charming face.

20) I silently masturbated in a classroom before (with everyone else in the class) when I was in form 1. I was sitting right at one corner when all others were busy chatting and playing around in the class. It was a quickie!

21) I love writing. Poem or plain article.

22) I used to be an arrogant person.

23) I complained the headmaster to the discipline teacher right in front of many other teachers before.

24) I am still in the closet.

25) I finished my grade 8 solo piano examination in year 2003. Planning to do my diploma since then but never achieve it till now.

26) My first piano teacher release an album before which she sold me the cassette at RM 9.90.

27) I've learned electronic organ before. And I still think the teacher is gay! I think he once asked me before whether I am PLU and I, still don't understand what's PLU by then. So I asked him back :"What's PLU?!" I think he didn't think I am gay then.

28) I was a piano teacher for a few months teaching some students. I couldn't cope with the stress few months later and I stopped teaching.

29) I once masturbated in my father's underwear. Not that I was into incest, but the underwear with opening at the front for me to stick out my dick was so cool for me back then. Kinky!

30) I love Mariah Carey! The first CD I bought was 'Rainbow' album. Bought every album of hers since then.

31) I played Mariah's song over and over again during my university life until the neighbour from another room have to kindly ask me to stop playing it when I was not around. :p

32) My first sexual encounter with another man (rather than my relative) was when I was 16, or 17. With a London man I knew from MIRC. Pathetically, it was my last since then! No, I didn't really enjoy it. I mean the sex.

33) Following the fact above, we did not wear condom. I guess that's why I was infected with... chlamydia which I found out two years back. I took the prescription by the doctor and he gave me some pills. I am now free from any STDs. Thank goodness!!! Lesson learned! Always PLAY SAFE!!

34) Yes, I am HIV negative! I have tested many times since my last sexual encounter.

35) Not only do I love sing, I love dancing too.

36) I am still using a 15" old monitor. I am so gonna get a 19" LCD monitor! Increment, please!!!

37) I was once asked by a friend( a girl) if I was gay which I responded with a funny face and she think that I was saying :"No, I am not!"

38) I am still a choir member, singing and performing every now and then.

39) Mine is not circumcised.

40) I used to print out gay erotic stories from the net and masturbate while reading them.

41) My favourite movies so far would still be "The Lord of The Ring" and "Matrix"

42) My ambition is to be a piano teacher. And still is, even though I had problem teaching students back then. Refer back to fact 28.

43) I hate dirty. I have O.C.D. for cleanliness.

44) I suffered from depression and still am recovering from it.

45) I am now a very lazy person.

46) I tend to do last minute work.

47) The magazine I always buy is Men's Health and New ICON. Sometimes, I read Reader Digest and HOT! magazine too.

48) Magazine I used to read : CLEO, New Man.

49) I have an Oxford Music Dictionary and still find it cool!

50) I have an underwear in red colour!

51) I wanted to buy CK 's underwear but still find it unreasonably expensive!

52) I write blog almost everyday now.

53) I bought a Biotherm product recently to try out. A small package which consist of facial foam, facial exfoliator and high-recharge moisturizer. All cost me only RM60.

54) I love hunky men in suit and tie.

55) I used to read Chinese Dictionary since primary school. Love to explore new words and how different meaning are formed when two different words join together.

56) I've won first prize for State Level Mathematic Competition when I was standard 6.

57) I was on TV yesterday(14th Octover 2007) on Astro AEC channel . Yes, I am NOT lying!

58) I bought a box of DUREX Play Sensation lubricants with different flavours. I love the one with the tingling sensation. Plan to buy a whole bottle of that lubricant. Too bad I only have myself to play with! :p

59) I tasted my cum before. OK, that's so... unspeakable! Well, I just said it. Don't ask any further! I was told it has a lot of protein!

60) I don't have a car yet.

61) I prefer One Utama more than Midvalley.

62) I prefer GSC more than TGV.

63) I have never been to clubbing or disco.

64) I have never had a boyfriend, nor girlfriend.

65) I first got my computer when I was form 3. The first I did with the computer was typing out an article from Men's Health magazine (US edition).

66) I first met a gay boy (an indian) when I was in 17 (before the London man). And he borrowed me a japanese gay porn VCD which I don't really like it. Maybe because I prefer Caucasions!

67) My current favourite gay porn movie will be "The Dangerous Liaisons" from Lucas Entertainment!

68) I thought about migrate to another country which accept gay people.

69) I was shocked to know that Ou Yang Wen Feng (欧阳文风 ), once a columnist for a newspaper, whose articles I always like to read, is gay and I am proud of him! I bought his latest book.

70) I love new book. I also buy new text book in university even though they are freaking expensive. Having them is one of the motivation for me to read them as I did my revision for exams.

71) I hate the fact that homosexuality is still not accepted in our country.

72) I need a long holiday but I don't know how should I spend it.

73) I don't have best friend or close friend whom I can talk to or share my inner feelings. I have a lot of good friends though.

74) I took a pill of ZEMAX before I sleep.

75) I tried to capture every hunk I see on the street with my not-so-new cellphone. Thus I have those KL random hotness posts.

76) I once took photos of my little brother with my old cellphone out of curiosity when I was in campus hostel which start off the depression fearing that some one might have caught me doing it. My room was at ground floor and anybody could just pass by and saw what I did through the window.

77) If I have the power, I want to legalize homosexuality in every country.

78) My current computer is 6 years old. Time to change don't you think?!

79) I don't play computer games. Or other RPG games. No PS1, 2,3 or XBOX etc. Gimme piano or singing scores . That's my entertainment!

80) I hate being asked if I have a girlfriend by relatives, especially those aunties and uncles.

81) My Sex GOD : Pavel Novotny!

82) I am now 60 kgs in weight and 174 cms in height.

83) I don't like to watch ghost movie! Or scary movie!

84) I bought a stainless steel ring recently and I like it very much.

85) The music instruments I have in my house is my piano, electronic keyboard and electronic organ.

86) I learned to play Chinese flute during my secondary school. I did not play well.

87) I learned Taekwando when I was young and dislike it. Never took any exam!

88) I know how to swim.

89) I started to go gym two years back. Yes, currently a California Fitness member.

90) I go sing KTV at least once a month with colleagues and/or choir members. I LOVE singing!

91) I surf net and download every possible beautiful male images.

92) My favourite parts of male are bulky chest and arms. Big thighs turn me on too.

93) I long for the feeling of kissing.

94) I normally spend the whole day at home on Saturday.

95) My current favourite drama series : Brothers and Sisters

96) I tried to look for the crush I happened to see everytime at the KL Sentral but always fail to stumble upon him nowadays. Not sure if he no longer take the train or work somewhere else. Missed him, though.

97) I think I will marry a man, and maybe adopt a child.

98) I still hope that Whitney Houston will release a new album as good as the "My Love is Your Love" album.

99) I missed those days when I don't need to worry so much.

100) I am still not ready to come out of the closet.

OK, this is very tiring! Took me a few hours to actually finish writing the whole 100 facts! Guess you know a lot more about me now.

Alright, I need to rest! My eyes are sore! Now, do your thing! Comment la!!!


coolgardy said...

You naughthy boy...never thought you were like that. :)
Anyway, thanks, it was good to get to know you more in person.
If you see me in Cali one day, just say hi yah, promise not to bite! :)

Calvin said...

You're the head prefect and you got slapped by a teacher for being noisy in class? Gulp...

And you masturbate in class too? Aren't you afraid of being caught or seen by your classmate? You must be sitting at the back, eh?

You're always asked by a girl if you're gay? Don't you know girls will sense out who is gay and who is not among the men? They 'KNOW'!!!

Ryan said...

Coolgardy, I don't even know who you are and how you look like. How to you say hi?

Calvin, I was slapped by teacher in primary school. Was head prefect in secondary school.

Janvier said...

Congrats on yer 100th post! :) Keep on posting!

So young, so adventurous. We were still so innocent in Form 1. :P

nash said...

hey ryan. just a simple comment(s).

1. Malaysia will never ever establish homosexuality. As Iran is ignorant about gay [Ahmedinejad flatly said there're no gays in Iran], Malaysia will never ever establish the existence of gays, let alone to endorse its lifestyle.

2. Migrating is a good idea. You don't have to look afar though, Singapore is a good example in which it is trying to become a gay-positive country. With the PM saying it's ok to be GAY, and the movement to abolish the penal code 377a [same in Malaysia] now going on, we should expect Singapore to be added to the list.

3. You're one horny gay guy, and I understand. Really. Some of what you did, I've done before too. I'm not telling which one though. XD

4. It's good if you can find some friends with whom you can be out and open with. Like me, I'm half out and half in. You only really need to be out with one who's out themselves. You'd feel so much better when you can convey things like your crush's love, and the quest to find him while commuting.

Ta. XD

Ryan said...

Janvier, very innocent yet adventurous, don;t you think?

Nash, thanks for the few comment and suggestions! :D

Aryaduta said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! That's quite a milestone! :-)

Also, thanks for posting the 100 random facts about yourself. I certainly learned a lot about you, and I hope that you don't get caught the next time you jerk off in class! :-P

Have a good week and keep on posting! :-)

abnitude said...

i just started reading your blog and like your persepctive. i learned a lot from your 100 meme post and think you are quite the character. aso i hope your shoulder is better.

Jason said...

Heheh... Ryan is quite the notti boy I see.

William said...

You really bared your soul here. Quite some risky things, some fun things, some sad thing, some happy things in the past and I guess it somehow or rather brought you to where you are now. A very brave post.

savante said...

What was that uncircumcised bit again?

Ryan said...

Aryaduta, trust me! I will never ever jerk off in public!

Abnitude, welcome to my blog. And thanks, my shoulder is getting better now.

Jason, when did I say I am not naughty?

William, at one moment I thought of keeping this post private. But nah... what's done is done. I've written them and I don't give a damn. Here you go, this is me!

Savante, huh?! You're asking something you already knew? Don't try to ask further! :P