Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MEME (Birthday Edition)

Promised Aryaduta to do this meme. Well, let's see what I can say about birthday.

Old, I feel!

When is your birthday?
29th January 1983

How old are you now?
Can I say I'm 18 years old? Probably no, having mentioned the year I was born.

Where were you born?
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When did you first celebrate your birthday?
Err.... Not sure. If you were to talk about my one-year-old birthday, no, I didn't celebrate it. Instead, my parents celebrate it. They threw a few parties (yes, a few) to celebrate me reaching one-year-old. So when did I first celebrate my birthday? Couldn't recall. :p

When will your next birthday be?
Duh?! Unless I was so lucky to be born on 29th February, else you should have known the answer by now.

Do you remember getting presents on your birthdays?
Hmm... yes. But it had been a long time really. The most expensive birthday gift I had ever received was the Giorgio Armani Men Fragrance - Armani Mania. Like it very much!

Should I put on my fragrance before you lick my abs?

What are three things that you want for your upcoming birthday?
As if someone is gonna get me what I want. Here they are anyway :

1) A new set of computer desktop
- Yes, one set. Minimum criteria would be :
* At least 19" LCD monitor
* At least 120 GB hard disk space
* Good graphic card
* Great sounds system.
Yeap, I don't play game. I mostly use my computer to watch movies and listening to music. So I don't need those canggih-canggih punya (sophisticated) pc.

2) Air conditioner
- The weather is so hot nowadays! I want an air-cond in my bedroom!

3) A car
- I have had enough of taking stupid KTM!

What kind of presents do you want for your birthday?
What kind? Anything that's useful and sweet. It shows how thoughtful you are!

How do you want to celebrate your birthday?
Sometimes I like big party. At times I prefer to celebrate only with that special someone. Since I am still single, I think having someone to help organize a party for me is lovely!

Who will I tag to do this meme?
You, if you want to!! :p


Jason said...

Same birthday as my ex! Thanks for sharing, Aquarian :P

Aryaduta said...

It's so hard to concentrate on reading your posts when you have pictures of gorgeous men scattered throughout them! :-P

Wow, our birthday's aren't far apart at all! I could use a car, too; it sucks having to take public transportation all the time. I hate having to wait for the bus, train, etc. :-(

Thanks for the meme, and keep uploading pictures of beautiful men! ;-)

savante said...

You're still very very very very very young.

So relax.

William said...

120GB is not quite enough for a repectable porn library. :P

coolgardy said...

I think a car is a more a luxury especially living in Malaysia.