Thursday, October 25, 2007

KL Random Hotness

I'm right! I managed to load these photos in the morning! Now I present you the beauty of male in KL.

He is so cute! My favourite! My potential next crush!


Jason said...

The blue shirt guy looks so gay :P

Fable Frog said...

OH MY GOD! are you a paparazzi???? the photos are really good actually!! i seriously dare not photograph strangers~~ good job!!

savante said...

OMG. I know one of those guys.

erik said...


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coolgardy said...

DOUBLE OMG!! I know one of those guys in your pics too....!!!

Ryan said...

Jason, well maybe a lil. I only noticed his big bicep.

Fable frog, beware! A talented paparazzi is in town!

Savante & Coolgardy, which one? Is it the last one? If yes, better introduce him to me!

Erik, no problem. Just add as you please. And yes, you have a lovely blog that I visit from time to time.

Aryaduta said...

Nice pictures as always, Ryan! ;-)