Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mama's Love

I just finished my dinner. Yes, it is now 11:41pm and I have just finished my dinner. I worked pretty late today (these days actually) as I need to finish off my works which its due date is just around the corner. Some of them I need to postpone the due date as it is just impossible for me to finish them off on time given the amount of works I have and the limited time given. I don't care. I already told my boss and my customer that some of the works will be delivered later. If the boss wanna minus my marks for the performance, I'm fine with it.

I don't give a damn!

Anyway, reaching home almost 11pm just now, my mom asked me if I've taken my dinner. Not that I worked until I forgot the time for dinner. But without anyone to accompany me to go for dinner, I was just lazy to walk to any nearby mamak stall to take my dinner. Unhealthy and stupid I know! I thought I would rather save the time and do my work. So I told my mom I only took a bun (which is true. My colleague gave me a bun so that I won't starve to death.)

Mama : There're still some pork and rice. I can even heat up the soup for you. You want them?
Me : It's ok la. I already took a bun.
Mama : Sure?
Me : Yeah. Beside I am lazy to eat. So tired. Wanna take my shower and hit the sack.

Mama : OK then. Maybe you can just drink a cup of milk before you sleep.

So I went into my bedroom, undressed, wrapped myself up with the towel and hit the shower. Not so long after that, my mom was yelling outside saying that she will heat up the soup and rice. And that by the time I finish my shower, all the food will be put on the kitchen table. Without much choice, I just said :"OK, mom!"

Indeed, I saw food have been served on the dinner table after I dried myself up and put on my clothes. Feeling warm and happy, I enjoyed the food alone. Mom and others have gone to sleep. The soup and rice is warm. Even though the pork is a little bit cold, it taste good when I ate them with the warm rice.

This is the different of staying with family, with your parents. If I were to stay outside alone, I don't think I will have anything to eat. Even if there is, I think most probably it will be maggi mee or mee in my mug. And tonight, I felt again the warm and love of being around the family. There's always someone to take care of me.

I'm taken care of and loved.

And tonight, Mama loves me! :p


nash said... miss my Mama so much......huuuhuuuu

Jason said...

Going back to see my parents tonight :)

Aryaduta said...

You make me miss being at home so much!

Whenever my mom wants to make me feel better, she cooks one of my favorite dishes for me. How I miss her (and her food!).

Wah, I'm so jealous of you! :-P

Lifebook said...

Mama always like her kids.. :) I miss her. :(

savante said...

Awwww... of course she loves you lah.

abnitude said...

sweet story.

Ryan said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments. Now go hug your mother and let her know how much you love her! :D

Queer Ranter said...

Awww. That's so sweet!