Saturday, October 27, 2007

Soak Under The Sun

As expected, I was basically stood under the sun rehearing whatever I need to rehearse before the actual show tonight. And the merciless sun didn't fail to make us sweat like hell. Obviously, the water I brought was not enough for me to re-fill the fluid in my body.

Anyway, while being tortured by the sun, I still manage to keep myself cheerful by capturing those men at work. They're those crew who try to set up the stage and multimedia screen etc. Here you go :

Ahhh... you have no idea! Those men can really climb like a monkey. Though they're not really my type. But watching them half-naked and climbing here and there did help to cast away my boredom.


coolgardy said...

Haf naked guys are always a welcome sight during times of boredom!

Jason said...

Not my type too but at least some thing to spend the extra time :P

David the Man said...

Yup, at least can "cuci mata" mah, right?

William said...

Err.... not very menarik... but better than nothing I guess. :P