Wednesday, October 10, 2007

University Reminiscing

It's 3:30am . I found myself awake and wanted to go pee. It's normal for me to feel the urge to 'pay my water bill' some nights if I drank too much water before I sleep. Suddenly I remember something. Yes, something that I have not done for quite some times.

I remember yesterday evening after my dinner, planning to watch the next episode of Brothers and Sisters, instead, I've fallen into sleep before 9pm. Wow, was I that exhausted? Or because the intense guilty pleasure I had (watching porn and... you know what we'd normally do) before dinner actually make me feeling restless and tired? Nah... don't think so.

Feeling tired? Nah... I don't think so!

Anyway, here I am writing an entry for my blog very early in the morning.

And suddenly I feel young again. Mostly because this remind me of my university life. I had no particular sleeping time. I sleep whenever I feel like sleeping and there's no such thing as human should be sleeping after 11pm and woke up before 7am. And that having 8 hours sleep per day was NOT a problem to me because I normally slept more than 8 hours per day back then.

Sleeping before 9pm was strangely weird back then as that's the time we woke up and start living our day. Yes, I would watch movies till early next morning or surf porn while my roommate was Counter-striking. Not that my roommate is gay, normally he didn't know what I surfed when he was concentrating on his game. Beside, my computer screen was not facing at his direction. So I have no problem loading images of sexy men on my screen.

Moreover, he would be too busy cursing and scolding to himself while playing that stupid "firing-in-the-hole" game. No offense! But I do not play game. I am just not good at it. And to shout out loud while playing game sometime can be annoying to a person like me who appreciate quietness and peacefulness. The only game I remember I last played was Super Mario! I don't remember I need to scream my heart out?! :p

Also, going to supper at this early morning was not a problem for me. Just a call and a few kaki supper will hit the 24-hour mamak stall nearby our campus. Didn't feel surprise when we saw the mamak stall were crowded with pupils like us. Some chat, some drink, some even smokes. I'd order my favourite teh-tarik and Nasi Goreng Patani or Roti John while talking non-sense with my friends till the morning comes.

Buddies forever?

Sometimes that was not an end. We would go straight for breakfast. Having friends who had car was awesome. He would drive us all the way to the nearest dim sum restaurant and we would continue our feast there without feeling tired. I am still amazed on how energetic we were. We were so young! And it was fun, really! Now? Damn, it makes me feel so old!

So, here I am writing my blog very early in the morning. I can't think of anyone I could call to go for supper, not even mention any friend who would go for dim sum later. They'd probably sleeping so soundly now.

Hunky stud sleeping! I would start licking that bare chest down to you-know-where!

Guess I should go back to sleep now. I am not sure if I have had enough sleep. Fearing that if I don't sleep, I might end up dozing off in the office. That's the last thing I want to do. I have a lot of things that need to be done in the office. Damned! Stupid working life!


Jason said...

Maybe you should hit the mamak again. :)

Aha... the best thing of staying away from family - sleep whenever you want!

hrugaar said...

So back then, both you and your roommate were kind of playing a "firing in the hole" game (but not the same one). Heh.

William said...

A nocturnal creature aren't we? Kupu-Kupu Malam... :P

coolgardy said...

Its so nice to have those thoughts about our uni days...cherish them!