Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shoulder Ache

For this whole day I have been trying to beat the back of my right shoulder. I think I must have slept at the wrong side of the bed, or sleeping in the wrong posture (which make me think if sleeping also have a correct posture) that might have caused the constant shoulder-ache I have for this whole day.

Ouch! Muscle cramp at my shoulder?!

And it is really irritating and annoying. In the morning, I still found it not so disturbing as I thought it would go away somehow. Unfortunately I felt things got worse. After lunch time, I need to constantly massage my right shoulder trying to ease the pain. Gosh, it just won't work!

Is it muscle cramp or something? I have never had such experience before. And I think it also affect my performance today. I felt exhausted and my eyes are sore too. Not sure if it was because of my shoulder or the long-hour staring at the computer monitor writing 100 facts about myself. Whatever!

Things got worse after I got home and took my shower. I found that I couldn't turn my head to the left. And it seems that turning my head to anywhere will also trigger the pain on the shoulder. Desperate, I borrowed the YokoYoko (is it yoko yoko? or yiki yiki? whatever!) from my sister and apply some of it on my shoulder. The tingling and hot sensation did ease the pain for awhile. But soon after that, the pain came back again.

Constantly complaining my muscle cramp to my sister, she suddenly and forcefully pull my head to the left and to the right of my shoulder... ignoring my screaming and yelling of pain. Alright, at least she was gentle enough to not break my neck. She said, I need to do that in order to recover faster. Not sure if she was right.

Anyone kind enough to give me a massage on my shoulder?!

Anyway, I am really exhausted and needed rest. I was told not to sleep without my head pillow and sleep straight like a dead body. Hope this will help.



conan_cat said...

oops, must be real painful! yeah shoulder cramps really sucks, real bad. but usually it will go away after a night of good sleep... hope you feel better tomorrow! :D and i'm sure by the time you read this comment it's tomorrow already, so how are you feeling hm? :)

newayz long time no drop by this blog, hi! :D

Fable Frog said...

is it better now? if not try lah yoko-yoko~ haha i helped me a lot!!

Ryan said...

No, still painful on my shoulder, conan cat & fable frog!

Jason said...

Ask someone to picit for you lah. I'm also having backache now... on my upper back. :(

Calvin said...

Yes, there is a correct sleeping posture. And you must always sleep on a pillow which is not to hard and not too soft. It must be firm to support your head and neck.

When you put your head on the pillow, feel where's your shoulders touching. Is it on the pillow side? Is it flat on the bed, or hanging halfway up between the pillow and your bed? It should be relaxed flatly.

A good pillow will support your neck. When you sleep sideways, the tip of your head (the top of your hair, the middle part) must not slanting down towards the pillow.

It's quite difficult to describe it here but I do hope you check the causes and find a solution.

Ryan said...

Jason, ask who?! My mother?

Calvin, wow, really got correct sleeping posture? Goodness! Now even sleeping also have to sleep right! No wonder I can never do anything right!

Jason said...

Mother cannot meh? :)

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