Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Flash-Light

Few days back, I was at Masjid Jamek Putra LRT Station. I need to take this Putra LRT to KL Sentral. While waiting at the station for the LRT to arrive, I saw this hunk at the platform. Naughty as I always am, I nonchalantly took out my cellphone, switch the camera on, off the flash light and prepare myself to do the thing I always do.

Someone wanna take photo of me?

While he was walking over towards my direction, I positioned my cellphone and held it high enough trying to capture that hunk. When he was almost near, I immediately SNAPPED! "Chk-kek!" The camera sounded. Once captured, I look at my phone pretending looking at sms or something. I was disappointed to found that the photo taken was blur. He must have walked too fast and my "slower-a-bit" camera phone couldn't capture it right!

So, not giving up, I hunted the hunk down again. He was not far from me also waiting for the LRT to arrive. I slowly making my way towards his direction, approaching him when I saw the LRT was arriving. We got on board together. Luckily not so many people was on the LRT. Maybe because most of the people still having their Raya holiday and not yet coming back to KL for work. Anyway, trying to stable myself by holding at the holder provided in the LRT, I took out my cellphone again and switch on my camera. Waiting for the right moment and right time.

When I found the train was not so shaky and the ride was not so bumpy, I raised my cellphone positioning to the right direction and without much hesitation, I click on the capture button. Now, not only did the sound "chk-kek" was on, my stupid flash-light was fucking ON too!

Fucked! No doubt the flash light caught everyone's attention. I immediately pull down my cellphone, pretending I was clicking the wrong button just now and avoiding any eye-contact with anyone in the LRT. I can feel my face was red and my ears were hot. What would the passengers thought I was doing?! No one made any comment or questions.

Thank goodness the LRT arrive at KL Sentral not so long after that. I quickly made my way out of the train and took a deep breath. The hunk's destination was also KL Sentral as I saw him get out of the train too. But I decided not to snap him anymore. He must have thought I was a crazy stalker. Well, I am!

Yes, crazy stalker I am!

Perhaps I should stop this cam-whoring habit! No one knows I might get into troubles, such as a pissed-off hunk pressing me against the wall with his face close to mine (after noticing I was taking his photo with my cellphone) and asked what I was doing... OK, I was bull-shitting again. Come on, hunky studs are simply irresistible!


nash said...

back in college [not uni] days, a friends of mine also has the habit of stalking. Instead of snapping their pictures though, he opted for the more interventional way - he would usually bump shoulder to shoulder with any cute guys in the college, making it as though it was accidental.

Unluckily for him though, one of the cute guys have had enough of it, and he confronted my friend - A, about it. He gave a stern warning not to do it again....Scary huh?

my say - as long as anyone dont get hurt, and YOU yourself are not at risk of being incriminated, I say just get on with it.

Life is short, enjoy it more by stalking XD

Aryaduta said...

How embarrassing! :-P

Hopefully, no one on the train realized what you were doing!

Wouldn't it have been nice if the hunk asked you out on a date so that you wouldn't need to take any more secret pictures of him? ;-)

Jason said...

OMG... pecah tembelang! By the way, even if I wanna take pic secretly of someone, I wouldn't be keeping it. Will just show it to the bloggers and delete it :)

conan_cat said...

whoa... i would like to see your collection of hunks then XD if you have been doing this for a long time then your collection ma really impressive lo... haha!

but well yeah, if you wanna do it my advice is...

get a camera phone that doesn't make a sound, and turn off the flash before taking lor. use sony ericsson phones, you can turn off the flash no problem and after you silent the phone when you take picture also no sound.

and whoa, i'm encouraging you to do it more XD kakkaa

coolgardy said...

wow, u should be more carefully the next time u do this... :)

Ryan said...

Nash, I salute to the friend of yours. But to bump shoulder to shoulder... well not my kind of thing. :p

Aryaduta, unless I am a hunk and he's desperately a gay, then I possibility of the hunk asking me out will be higher.

Jason, too bad I kept them all in my computer except those I think not worth keeping them.

Conan cat, I just bought my new cellphone. So there's no way I'm gonna buy another Sony Ericson. :p

Coolgardy, sure I will be more careful!