Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I was re-watching Brothers and Sisters Season 1 while desperately waiting for the next episode of Season 2 being downloaded into my computer so I can watch it. Somehow I still find myself enjoy watching the family dramas. Perhaps it's something I can really easily relate to. I love my family. And been through more than 20 years with the family members together, certainly there are some bitter sweet memories that I could cherish.

I can easily relate that to my family

Of course, my family is not so much the same like the American family. The family gay son is still in the closet and my dad never have any affair (or my mother is well enough at keeping my dad away from other flirtatious women). However, I love my family despite all the dramas we have been through together.

And yes, I really have a very happy family. Compare to some of my friends who never talk with their parents, or cold war happened between siblings, my family is so much better. I seriously do not know how others feel about their family. But I definitely have a very strong bond to each and everyone of my family members. From parents to siblings. We talked, we laughed, we argued and we fought. And I think my parents did, and still are doing, a very great job for keeping this happy family alive.

I love my family

I've seem some other family. Parents fight in front of their children, kids yelling and screaming at their parents in public, hatred among siblings... Gosh, I wonder how they live. Of course, some choose to leave their family and stay outside alone where they claim they could find a sense of peacefulness there. Some other just ignore the family members when they got home.

To me, family is very important. They should be your closest friends. They're the one who we can really trust. That's where I can find unconditional love. That's where I can really contribute my love and be loved again. Family is the best investment. That's where I find support and encouragement. That's also where I seek for motivation and guidance. Moreover, that's where I share my joys, laughters or even tears and sadness.

Together we'll form a happy family.

To me, family is precious. That's where I call home.


Jason said...

I like the last pic.

coolgardy said...

so u going to start a family soon?

William said...

"Keluargaku syurgaku"
. It is the ideal situation, but I must say that this is not always true...