Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Those three words!

Thought I should post this entry tomorrow (since I have posted a MEME below), but I just can't help it and want to share my excitement after watching Brothers and Sisters last night! Yes, it was REALLY good!

I love how the story get continued. I missed the family so much that when I see Nora and Kitty arguing over the news of the youngest son, Justin, I can't help but laughed out real loud. Gosh, you should see how two women quarrel! They're really good! And when they realized someone was taping them, how pretentious they could be to smile together for the camera phone.

You wanna tape me?!

Oh you should have known how much I missed Kevin! And yes, he's back with his charm! Love him so much that I wish he could be my bestest buddy! Can't really imagine him being my boyfriend. Prefer him to be my big brother who I can get advice from. Hahaha...

Oh Jason! Yeah, still hunky as he was. Got to see him half-naked when getting out of the shower. Yummy! His chest! Oooh la la! Drive me crazy! Oh, and guess what?! He's on a mission to MALAYSIA!!!! Yes, you heard me right! MALAYSIA! Alright, cut it out. It's only a movie! :p But if he really does, I would be more than willing to offer him my room and my bed. Don't mind sleeping with him in the same bed too. :p

Good Morning Kiss

Last but not least, you should see the following scene! I can't find it in youtube. So I cut it out myself and post it on google video. Not sure if this is legally right. But I just want to share the beautiful scene.

Damned! He f**king said the three words "I love you"! I was like "Yes! Shit! Yes yes! He said it!" So touching and so sweet!! I've been waiting for my whole life to have someone I like to tell me "I love you!" And I am still waiting...

And guess what, I just realized my phone can actually watch movie. I just need to get a memory card with bigger space to save the movies files and I should be able to watch movie through my phone. So, I am so gonna save the scene above and put it in my phone so I can watch it over and over again whenever I am free! :D


nash said...

omgosh..... u love Brothers & Sisters? me too!

ok, which pair do u support most? - Kevin & Scotty or Kevin and the gorgeous Jason?

Ryan said...

LOL... I don't really care actually. Both Scotty and Jason have their own unique beautiful characters.

I am happy for Kevin to be with either one of them. :p