Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hunk-ilicious advertisement

It was a normal Wednesday when my colleagues asked me if I want to join them to have lunch at Sungai Wang as some of my colleagues need to buy something there. After the hectic morning I had that day (entertaining the-ever-so-demanding customers), I thought I might as well join them and have a good lunch there, plus some window-shopping (knowing that I don't have much money to spend) to ease my mind a bit. As if the the further I am from the office, the further it would be the problems from me.

Hiding myself in the dark, trouble-free!

Anyway, after having lunch, I followed colleagues wandering around, passing by shop after shop. After getting what they wanted, it's almost time to get back to office. When we walked over to the main entrace, my colleague said he wanted to have a look at the motorola phones. While waiting for him, I was hooked by the following advertisement.

Motorola Razr2 Commercial

The gorgeous hunk is so fucking delicious! And look at his big arms... and that chest... How I wish at the end all his shirt and pant were cut off until he got all naked only with that phone in his hand! Well, come to think of it, I bet I would wet my pant by then.

I later found out that the gorgeous hunk is Matthew Mullins and the beautiful lady is Nikolett Barabas. Thanks to youtube, I got what I wanted and yes, I basically watch it over and over again. Enjoying Matt's jacket being cut off one piece followed by another revealing his big arms and then his big chest... Oh and you have no idea how I wish I was the one who sitting on him while having him lie down on his back!! And the moves and actions... ever so charming and sexy! Alright, I can't get enough oh him now!

And that's not it. I then found some interesting gay advertisements which kinda cute and sexy as well. Let's see what I've got here.

Gay Cologne Commercial

Isn't it Sexy?

Levi's gay commercial

That hunk in the phone booth. Yummy! And I like to see a hunk with big thighs wearing jeans without shirt. I find them so sexy!

More than meets the eye

Cool, isn't it? I think this is very creative! Different personalities were represented by different kind of underwears and foot-wears.

Gay Adoption Ad

I was laughing out loud after reading that "Children raised by homosexuals do not necesarily become homosexuals". But come to think of it, if homosexual is the norm, how would those straight people come-out to their parents and friends? This reminded me of the movie "Almost Normal". Anyway, it's a fun ad.

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coolgardy said...

Sex always sells...and couple with good looking models, well, its going to entice the plu's who incidently form the largest and also able consumer grouping in this world...