Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Waiting

I hate waiting. Seriously, waiting for the time to come by. Waiting at the train station for the stupid KTM commuter to arrive. Waiting in the car in the traffic jam. Waiting... is just so tiring as well.

Are you waiting for me?!

And since last Tuesday, I have been waiting for the next episode of Brothers and Sisters to put on air in America so that I could download it from internet the next few days. And today the new episode should be aired in America now.

In this long lazy Sunday I have had, I basically did nothing. Except took a long afternoon nap and finding myself a little zombie-like when I finally woke up from my bed and faced my computer again. Not long after that it was already 6pm++. I was dragged by the family to have dinner nearby.

And now back in the house, still figuring out what to do, I thought I should post another entry again. Been watching some nice clips about Brothers and Sisters at youtube to 'quench my thirst' for the next episode of the drama series.

So here is what I found and enjoyed:

Kevin and Jason

Hmm... I'd never get bored of this couple. At least for now.

Behind the Scenes with the Brothers

I wanna join the brothers!!!

Gag Reel

They're all so funny even in real life, right?! I can imagine how much fun I would have to work with them. But then again, maybe there're some negative side of them which were not shown in the clips. Anyway, I should always look for the positive side of the people. No one is perfect though.

Alright. I should hit the sack earlier today as tomorrow is another challenging week for me. Wish me lucks, would you?!


David the Man said...

Well, I hate waiting too... and...

... yay! I don't have to work tomorrow! In fact, I am taking a leave for a day off!

Have a nice working day tomorrow. Take good care and cheers, mate!

Janvier said...

Oh we love gag reels! That was a good laugh there! :D

We can be patient at waiting only if we don't have to rush for something else. Otherwise we see red too.