Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coming soon : Dante's Cove Season 3

I stumbled upon this site 'Restoring Love' when I saw the introduction of my beloved drama series - Dante's Cove Season 3'! I love the series to death! Having both season 1 and season 2 with me (both downloaded from the interenet, poor me for having no money to buy the DVDs), I can watch them over and over again for my guilty pleasure. Even though some of the actings were hardly convincing, the sex and the eye-candies were definitely seductive and breath-taking!

This is so exciting!! Reichen is gonna be the new hunk in the movie too! Can't wait to see him undress and do whatever things he needs to do. Of course there are some other new hunks joining in. Can't wait to see those hot steamy sex and romantic scenes!!

Having all those hunky studs in the series, I don't really care how the story goes. For your information, the series will premier on 19th October 2007 at here!TV. So most probably will get to see the show after a few days or a few weeks. I remember for the last two seasons, I need to wait for at least one week after the new episode was aired before I could download it from the net. Hopefully with this new season, more people will watch it and kind enough to share them. :p


savante said...

Now how is he gonna be connected to the original bunch?

Anonymous said...

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