Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fabulously Gay

I was trying to do another post of KL random hotness, but it seems that the doesn't allow me to do it. Not that I am banned from posting hunks from KL or been warned for intruding other's privacy by capturing the photo of hunks whenever I see on the street, but I can't seem to upload the photos. I have to wait for ages to finally see a response from the server telling me "Connection Time Out" or "Connection has been reset". And I am tired of clicking the "Try Again" button.

I rest my case.

Perhaps I should do it tomorrow morning. I found that the connection is faster in the morning. Maybe because not so many online in the morning. I'll see what I can do later.

I went to customer site today and enjoyed chatting around with the staff there. All ladies. Yes, I can easily talk to any of the ladies there. Surprisingly all the staff there are quite free. Only a few of them were busy doing their works. And from what I know, it was only for temporary. After a few days, they'll be free like the others. So for those who're free, I basically chat with them when I finished my work with them.

And yes, when all ladies come together, plus me the fabulous gay man, you can probably guess what we're doing. Yes, talk non-sense and craps. Maybe a little rumours and stupid jokes.

Malay lady : You know, my ex-lover was Leon Lai when I was in Hong Kong.
Chinese lady : No way! But I don't like him. He's just a pretty face.
Me : Yeap! Loser. There're so many better and more handsome men out there.
Malay lady : I also like Ekin Cheng. Like his movies too.
Me : huh?! That guys aar?! Still, someone is better than him. Beside, he's like out-dated hunk.
Chinese lady : Yeah lo! Why you like those Chinese men we don't like?
Malay lady : I still think Leon Lai is handsome.
Me : Oh please! Let me introduce some other hunk for you! Hmmm.... like Daniel Wu?!
Chinese lady : YEA YEA YEA!! He's so good-looking!!
Malay lady : Who's that!?
Chinese lady & Me : Huh?! You don't know who's Daniel?!
Me : You wait! I saw him in today's newspaper. Let me show you!

Who is sexier now?

I saw the staff from another department whom I know in that company was having today's The Sun newspaper with Daniel's Wu on the Loreal Men Facial Advertisement right at the back cover. I ran all the way to that department and borrowed his newspaper, and ran back and showed it to the malay lady. Surprisingly, she said he's not so hadnsome compared to Leon Lai. Speechless, we then said she's being weird!

After that we talked about the Loreal product on the newspaper. And yes, I am using that product now. Just bought the toner and it seems ok to me. This malay lady then observe my face and agreed that my face is indeed having a better skin. And all those nearby ladies were like "Really? really? Let me see!" And then I have to shoosh them off before I was being observed and analyzed by those crazy ladies. You'll never know what they can do! Pointing your face and comment all the way. It's either I got compliments or being criticized till I need to find a hole to hide.

We were giggling and talking nonchalantly for almost half an hour there and nobody seems to care. Perhaps all the bosses weren't there. Besides, it's almost the end of office hour. So when it was 5:30pm, everybody packed up and went home.

Feeling a bit guilty for lingering over at customer's office and chatting with the staff for so long, but I thought it's OK as long as I've got my job done there. Besides, it's a good "tension release" session there laughing and chatting with those ladies. After that I went home walking to the LRT station ever so fabulously! Almost singing "Hey sister go sister.... Gichi Gichi Ya Ya Da Da..." :p

I'm a Fabulously Gay Angel!

Gay I am. Living a fabulous life I am!


coolgardy said...

Put Ryan with a bunch of ladies and you have a tranny Ryan, oops, hope you don't slap me for it :)...well, my dear, all of us have this unseemingly bond with ladies when it comes to fashion or even gossips!

Jason said...

We don't fall in love with females but we can get along well with them. :P

William said...

Celebrity endorsements... I'd buy the products just for the pretty face!