Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Family Reunion

Last night was great. Not that I have had a great sex with a hunk or what, but I think it may be better than that.

No sex?!

Promised my sister to celebrate her birthday which was a few days back. But during the weekdays I was too busy working until late at night. So it was quite impossible for me to buy her lunch nor dinner. Well, promise is a promise. I suggested to buy her dinner during the weekend when I have some times for my own away from work.

Coincidentally, my brother who's studying also came back from school yesterday for the semester break. So I thought, great, let's have the whole family together for dinner as well. So I invited my parents as well to join the party. So from a simple birthday celebration for my sister, it turned out to be a family reunion dinner.

Not that we rarely have dinner together as we all are staying under one roof and sometime my mom cooks and we'll have dinner together. But it's only during the weekend that I got to join the family for dinner or sometime if I am lucky enough to finish my work earlier and got to get home earlier to join the family for dinner. Else, most of the time, I am the one who always absent for the family dinner. Of course my brother too, who is studying quite far away from home.

Anyway, back to our dinner last night. After arguing over what to have for our dinner with my sister and brother, my mean and merciful brother suggested to go Chilli. I could almost instantly predict how the figure in my bank account will be after that expensive meal for the family. But then, my brother always manage to talk me into having the family dinner there.

Come on, you can afford that dinner for us!

Brother : Chilli's good! Nice food, nice environment..
Me : You think I am a millionaire or something?
Brother : Come on, it's a family reunion dinner! Besides, it's our sister's birthday celebration! You can't simply go mamak stall and celebrate, can you?!
Me : I didn't suggest we go mamak stall. At least somewhere decent and not so expensive. Right sister?!
Sister : I don't know. Anything is fine for me. :p
Brother : Come on la! It's almost the end of the month. You'll get your salary soon. Sister's birthday very important! Chilli's is nice, not only good food and bottomless drinks are available, there are also a lot of pretty girls there! Can cuci mata (eye-washing) there! Beside, long time we've never been there. Parents will love to be there too.

Well, it's a fact there we've never been to Chilli in One Utama for quite sometimes. The last time we go was like few months back celebrating don't know whose birthday. Anyway, I also like the idea of enjoying eye-candies there. As a Caucasian lovers, Chilli tends to have more white men hanging around. Moreover, it has been quite some times since I last visited One Utama. I would like to see if there's anything changes there.

So by 6:30pm, the whole family squeezed into my dad's car and off we went. We reached there before 7pm and we didn't have to wait long to finally got our seat. Chilli is always full of people. And yes, I got to enjoy my eye-candies while my brother was enjoying his type of eye-candies. And sometime he even asked me to look at this girl and that lady, I have to give some lame comment that this girl's nose it not nice, that lady didn't how to dress... bla bla bla... so irritating! I would rather enjoy that hunky caucasian stud who was eating alone watching the football channel there. It'd be better if I could join him to keep him company. No I didn't take picture of him. Come on, my whole family is there, what do you think they will think?!

Don't you wanna join me?!

Perhaps we were there earlier than usual. As we got to see a lot more people coming in. Some even have to wait outside for seats. It was a long queue out there. Anyway, we ordered our food and drink and didn't have to wait long to have all our dishes on the table. All the food taste good seriously. And the bottomless fruit juice were great! Each and everyone of us refilled the drink. My thirsty brother even re-filled twice.

And as usual, we ordered different kind of steaks and we cut off some part and exchange with others so we got to taste the different dishes with the family. That's a culture nurtured since we were young. My parents always ask us to share our food with each other. Even though sometime I dislike the idea as I am very particular with hygiene and eating other's food and saliva doesn't seem appealing to me. But I've got used to it after a while. Besides, we're family and we share our goodness and badness together.

We were pretty full after the dinner. And normally after dinner we talk. Happy or sad things, we love to talk. Share our working life or love life. And last night, we did the same thing. And my brother never failed to amaze us with his funny stories in campus. My mom also talked about how my father always need to fart before getting into sleep which make us all laughed out so loud and we didn't give a damn what other diners may think. Besides, it is already noisy there in the restaurant as everybody was talking and chatting so loudly. But we seriously have a good laugh. And I love to see my family laugh together. After that, we went shopping for awhile. Before leaving One Utama, we went to the secret recipe shop and buy a few slice of different cakes and went home.

It was a lovely evening. And right before I slept, that warm and sweet family picture of mine re-appeared in my mind. And the laughters we had during the dinner makes me smile. It's a blessing, really. Some of my friends don't have a close bond within their family. And even fight between siblings. And I have this special and close relationship with every member of my family. And we love each other dearly. I love my family.

I have a happy family.

And I have a good sleep last night.


Anonymous said...
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Lifebook said...

Good for your family and poor for your bank account.

I wish I could do more family union dinner.

coolgardy said...

Dude, u got spam!

Families are good units for us to fall back, count ur blessings that u have such a nice family. Many don't!

Jason said...

Next time, bring camera along! Not for hunk capturing but for family outing :)

Ryan said...

Lifebook, yeah guess next month I have to really ikat perut (tied up my stomach)!

Coolgardy, yeah obviously kena spammed. Don't even know what the hell he/she is trying to yell about?! Anyway, I do know family is a treasure. And I love my family very much.

Jason, will consider that. I don't have a digital camera myself for the moment.