Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hunk in Space

I have wanted to do this post for quite a while since the whole nation was, and still is talking about the first Malaysian, a hunk with that "come-on-over" seductive smile, who is currently in the space doing whatever he needs to do now.

And noticing Coolgardy posted an entry on this hunk-ilicious man (who keep appearing in my day-dream, half-naked in his spaceman suit, smiling at me while grabbing his crotch... Alright, fine! That's just my fantasy!) just make me even more determined to write about this.

Should I take off my suit?

Not that I know much about him. But a hunk like him who is currently 35 years old and still single just make me wonder why. It's either he's one of us or just another workaholic who doesn't have time to date anyone. Being a model sometime, well, perhaps his expectation is way too high that he still couldn't find his Ms. Right? Or Mr. Right?

That smile!

Gorgeous as he is, he reminds me of, again, Daniel Henney, who have that smile which will simply melt my heart away. I don't mind putting on another show of 'Seducing Mr. Perfect' Malaysian Edition. If and only if he is gay. Is he not?

However, 35 years old is a little too old for me. The 10 years difference would have caused a big gap between us. Even though I prefer older boyfriend, but I seriously doubt if I would date an uncle. (No offence, Doc Paul! I know you're over 30! :p But I am sure you're younger than Dr. Sheikh!) Well, Dr. Sheikh is still looking good. I think he manage to deceive me with his good-looking face and well-shaped body. Then I don't mind dating the not-so-uncle-look hunk!

See you again when I'm back on earth!

Oh well, now that he's in space. Praying that he'll be safe and healthy.


ikanbilis said...

oh puhleese! =P who cares if he is over 30 but he's too charming. lol. geez so's so fcuking hot damnit! you don't see any malaysian these hot these days!

coolgardy said...

Ahh, another blog on our hot hunky guy in space..btw, here are some notes for you guys. Our dear astronaut might be on our side after all, he owns this rebung restaurant in bangsar with chef Ismail and knowing that chef, how gay can you be? So, he might be the first M'sian in space, he might also be the 1st gay in space...way to go!!

Jason said...

There is such rumour :)
Yalah, even he's 35, he's still hot!